Vancouver Chiropractic Care of Coccyx Pain (aka Tailbone Pain)

Coccyx? Tailbone? Coccydynia? Tailbone pain?
When even the most comfortable chair is unappealing, contact Vancouver Spine Care Centre to see if coccydynia is the source of your Vancouver tailbone pain!Do you have pain when you sit? Is the pain more in your tailbone than in your lower back? Is even the most comfortable chair not appealing? Maybe you already know you have tailbone bone. Vancouver chiropractic care may well relieve that. Tailbone pain is more formally known as coccydynia, but sufferers just call is a pain in the rear! If you are one of those in Vancouver, chiropractic care at Vancouver Spine Care Centre may be your relief.

Tailbone pain may not be a condition many Vancouver people want to talk about. The coccyx isn’t a celebrated part of the spine.  It’s taken for granted. It’s there to sit on.  It’s not very fancy, but it can be so painful! Coccydynia stems from pain in the lowest part of the spinal column. The last segments there make up the coccyx, a fused section of bones. How these bones fuse may influence how they cause pain. Read this latest research discussion on the topic.

The chiropractor looks at the curves of the spine for their angulation and possible effect on pain like coccydynia in the lowest section of the spine (orange).A study of women and men with coccydynia reveals some similarities. Both have a more ventrally curved coccyx, stronger in females but still seen in males. Both show a lower prevalence of sacrooccygeal joint fusion. Females show a higher frequency of bone spicule formation (a bone outgrowth from the coccyx) while men show a lower prevalence of intercoccygeal joint fusion. (1)

Whether due to the angle of the coccyx’s curve or an injury or abnormal mobility or disc degeneration at the sacrococcygeal and intercoccygeal segments that make up the coccyx or a coccygeal spicule or osteomyelitis or a tumor (1,2), it’s important not to just try to live with tailbone pain (not that coccygeal pain will let you anyway!). Vancouver Spine Care Centre can help diagnose the source of your tailbone pain and quite possibly help manage and relieve it conservatively. Research reports that conservative measures like rest, acupuncture, use of a coccyx cushion, physical therapy, manual therapy, and possibly medication or injections can help. (2) The first step is a good examination at Vancouver Spine Care Centre.

So Vancouver Spine Care Centre encourages any Vancouver tailbone sufferers to contact us for a thorough chiropractic examination. The coccyx is a little thought of section of the spine, but such an important one when it comes to tailbone pain that hurts when you sit on it. Rely on your Vancouver chiropractor to direct your chiropractic care toward tailbone pain relief. Contact Vancouver Spine Care Centre today!

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